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When quality rises above the rest ….

Frome Valley is a well established and reputable electrical contracting company based in the heart of Dorset. We are a professional business building strong relationships with clients by providing the highest possible technical standards and customer service. Frome Valley electricians work with some of the largest manufacturers of electrical components in the world, meaning your electrical installations will have only the most reliable and highest quality equipment available. 

Our mission is to become one of the UK's most reliable and trusted Electrical Contractors.

Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Installations

We are NICEIC Approved contactors, this allows us to design, install & test a huge range of electrical installations, we are approved to do it all!


Installation Condition Reports

An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR), is a periodic inspection report on a property's safety relating to its fixed wiring. This report has also been labelled as the 'Landlord Safety Test' or 'Homebuyers Test'. It is recommended that periodic inspection and testing is carried out for Domestic properties – every 10 years or change of occupancy and for Businesses – every 5 years or change of occupancy.

The tests are conducted by our fully qualified electricians.

Portable Appliance

Testing (PAT)

It’s vital when you’re dealing with different appliances that you undertake some form of PAT testing. The HASWA 1989 requires that employers provide a safe place of work for their employees. There are a number of reasons why appliances should be tested regularly, not only so that they comply with standard regulations but also to minimise the risk of fire and injury.
Our reports contain 
•    An inventory containing each appliance type, name, location and description
•    A full set of test results for each appliance tested
•    A full list of any failed items with an explanation of their failure
•    A visible pass or fail label on each appliance detailing the inspection date, next test due and the inspector’s signature.

We offer our services to schools, retail stores, landlords, offices, factories, residential and nursing homes, and any other organisations that require a portable appliance test.

Intruder Alarms

Our alarm installations all comply to the latest PD 6662 . This standard is essential for any organisation or householder requiring a police response to their intruder alarm, PD 6662 is an ‘umbrella’ standard for the application of European standards by installers in the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of intruder and hold-up alarm systems. 


A CCTV (closed-circuit television) system allows the use of videos cameras to monitor the interior and exterior of a property, transmitting the signal to a monitor or set of monitors including all our mobile devices. 

More and more of us are switching on the benefits of CCTV security systems. 
The need for residential and business CCTV systems is higher than ever before.

Our team can assist in the planning and the full installation using all the latest available state of the art technology.

Access Control

An access control system determines who is allowed to enter or exit, where they are allowed to exit or enter, and when they are allowed to enter or exit.

Electronic access control uses computers to solve the limitations of mechanical locks and keys. A wide range of equipment can be used to replace mechanical keys.

We are experts in all areas of the access control using the very latest technology we can also advise and install systems in relation to door opening and closing devices.

Data Cabling

The structured cabling installations start with a full design service from the initial scheme, to implementation, IT cabling installation and full data cabling testing.

Installation of Cat5e / Cat6 / Cat6a / Cat7 and Cat8 data cabling within commercial, warehouse, education and residential properties.

All of our structured cabling installations are supplied with FLUKE test results and 20-25 year manufacturer warranties depending on the data wiring manufacturer proposed.

Fibre Optic Cabling

Installation of multimode and single mode fibre cabling for internal and external links to connect multi floor data cabinets or fibre links between separate buildings.

Installation of Fibre to the Desk solutions from the main communications room to individual user locations and communicated via media converters over structured fibre cabling.

Fibre cabling includes fusion splicing and light loss and OTDR testing as standard.

Fault finding, and maintenance of fibre optic systems are also undertaken with the same testing and termination equipment


"A professional and knowledgeable company, the personnel of whom, I have had experience of for some time. Their level of service, quality of work and reliability are first class. Work has also, importantly been completed on time and within budget. The staff are polite & efficient and work well with other contractors, when required, to complete projects effectively."

David Calvert

Thales FM

"Frome Valley is a fabulous company to deal with - they simply always do what they say they are going to do which is so refreshing ! They are on time, on budget and highly professional. The quality of the work is outstanding and their technical skill is of a standard that is not matched locally. The attention to detail and safety is refreshing. I would not recommend any other co for my electrical work and alarms, you would be crazy not to use them !"

Sam Barrington

"I would just like to say a few words about Frome Valley Alarms and Electrical they have great customer handling and great knowledge.
Frome Valley always delivers on time and the quality of work is outstanding."


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07817 996821

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Unit 2, Newlands Farm, Batcombe, Dorchester, Dorset, DT2 7BG



Providing electrical services across the South West

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